After suffering through years of back pain, as a result of an office-based job, I felt the positive effects of Pilates within a few months. It quickly became a large part of my life and, as my interest grew, I was keen to progress further. My personal experience motivated me to complete teacher training and become a Certified Pilates Instructor, which I did under the expert guidance of Joanne Cobbe, the Founder and Principal Tutor of JPilates.


Prior to becoming a Pilates teacher, I worked in a financial technology company in the City. I saw first-hand the common back pain issues, stress, and low energy that people experience due to work pressures and a sedentary lifestyle. I understand the challenges of looking after your body whilst also having a demanding career.


My sessions focus on obtaining maximum body control, balance, muscle strength, spine mobility, and mental wellness. I use small equipment and incorporate a variety of exercises taken from both the classical Pilates repertoire and the more modern Functional Training approach. My sessions are dynamic, friendly, and accessible to all. I believe strongly in teaching with positivity, energy, and encouragement and enjoy working with clients from all walks of life.